Knitted Izanami dealing Acid


Octarine Magic

A site dedicated to Octarine Magic.

Eight Colours: Pure Magic, Etheric Magic, Heavenly Magic.

Eight Colours Opposite: Yellow magic.

Cybermorphic Kaosphere Opposite: Underworld magic. [1]

Cybermorphic Kaosphere Branches: Being magic and Doing magic.

Planet: Uranus

Metal: Uranium

Sephiroth: Da’ath


Magical power, self deification, Illumination, individuation, self-transformation. The magic of increasing magical potential, the manipulation and directing of magical energy or information and the path of the Magician.


Consider working with deities and spirits of magic and the heavens, such as Anu, Inanna, Uranus, Serpents and Dragons.

Consider the web of fate, spiders, Ellis and the Linking Sigil.

Consider entities that represent the illusion created by the stream of consciousness, such as Maya, Chroronzon, the Demiurge, Yaldabaoth, Samael, the Overmeme.

Consider the illusionary world created by the stream of consciousness, the Spectacle of the Situationists, the Samsara of Buddhism, Hinduism and Tantra.